Shoulder Pain

Depositphotos_13904965_originalThere are many causes of shoulder pain. But at the Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic, we can treat most of them relatively easily. Whether from injury due to your sports or your work, or just due to the rigours of every day life most shoulder pain can be treated with a combination of muscle stretching, massage and if needed some well placed electrotherapy around the troublesome area.

As a first-time client we would require to see you for a full one hour session to correctly diagnose the shoulder problem. during that one hour you will receive some treatment to alleviate the pain and if restricted, to regain some of your movement.  We will also be able to give you some advice on how to help manage your shoulder problem when at home, so as to ensure your speedy recovery.

Problems such as Frozen Shoulder can often be incorrectly diagnosed and require a thorough examination to determine if this is so.

Many shoulder problems may actually come from a trapped nerve in the neck area and will require treatment of both the shoulder and the neck to resolve the problem permanently, but this is achievable with the equipment and techniques we employ at the Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic.Massage is wonderful

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Tom Harper has been actively involved in promoting pain relief treatment for over twenty years. He is the Registered Osteopath at the Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic and has interests in sports injuries and headache and migraine treatment and is a keen cyclist and fell-walker.

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