New Opening Times

I am now operating a reduced service opening Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings from 9am till 1pm until further notice. You can speak to me anytime Monday to Friday (9am till 5pm) for information and advice pertaining to any aches and pains and or sports injuries you may have. Just call 07710-244-390 or if on a mobile tap the green button below ⤵️

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Monthly Archives: August 2011

What is Osteopathy

Osteopathy is a system of treating pain and disease that aims to restore correct mechanical functioning of the joints, muscles and other tissues. This results in rapid healing of damaged tissues and resolution of pain within the body. Osteopathy may involve manipulation and articulation (movement) of the joints through their natural range of motion; muscle stretching to increase joint movement and muscle length, and soft tissue massage to relax spasmed and tight muscles. This releases muscular tension and reduces pain, allowing you to move with greater ease.