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Opening Hours for Christmas 2014

If you need treatment over the Holiday Season, these are my opening times as below:

Date Day Event Hours
24th December Wed Christmas Eve Open 9am – 5pm
25th December Thu Christmas day Closed all day
26th December Fri Boxing Day Closed all day
27th December Sat Open 9am – 1pm
28th December Sun Closed all day
29th December Mon Open 9am – 7pm
30th December Tue Open 9am – 7pm
31st December Wed New Year's Eve Open 9am – 5pm
1st January Thu New Year's Day Closed all day
2nd January Fri Open 9am – 7pm

Then everything is back to normal hours

Hopefully you won't need my services, but if you do, call me on 077-1024-4390

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Tom Harper

We have a new ultrasound gel warmer

shocked young woman, isolated against purple studio backgroundIt may seem like a small thing, but ultrasound gel is inherently cold. When applied to an area of the body (especially the lower back) it can feel like a block of ice, which usually makes you jump (not a good thing if you've already got a bad back!) So to make you all feel much more comfortable when receiving ultrasound treatments I have made a small investment in a bottle warmer (usually used for heating a babies milk) this raises the temperature of the ultrasound gel to a point where it feels “tepid” to touch, much more accept able and comfortable when you're having your ultrasound treatments from now on.

Massage and Pregnancy

185_originalBack pain during pregnancy can be very debilitating. At a time when you should be enjoying your pregnancy and looking forward to an addition to your family, let us help you to keep your pregnancy a comfortable one and visit us for a pain relieving, and very relaxing Pregnancy Massage. You can book a half hour or an hour massage to work out all your aches and pains (not just the ache in your back) You will come away feeling relaxed, better and more at ease with yourself and your continuing happy pregnancy. Call today on 077-1024-4390 to book your massage and start being more pain free.

Neck Pain treatment at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic

Neck pain treatment at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic has proved successful in relieving many of the causes and symptoms surrounding this debilitating problem. Neck pain can be caused by poor posture at work (especially when working in front of a computer for eight hours a day) overloading or imbalance of the neck and shoulder musculature by carrying heavy and awkwardly shaped containers or carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder.

Other common and more home related causes of neck problems are watching TV or a computer monitor placed to one side, i.e. not directly in front of your eyes  (TVs at the end of a long lounge) too many or too few pillows on your bed, and some sports that require excessive use of the neck muscles (football, rugby, wrestling, gymnastics, road cycling etc.)

Osteopathy can relieve the pain and stiffness with muscle stretching, massage and manipulation of any restricted neck joints. I may also use interferential treatments and/or ultrasound to reduce muscle spasm and swelling in the neck and shoulder tissues.

If you want to get pain free from all your neck aches and pains, call me on 077-1024-4390 and book an appointment today.

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Osteopath, Chiropractor or Physiotherapist in Nuneaton

What is the difference between Osteopathy, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and other manual treatments?

This very much depends upon the individual practitioner and the kind of practice that they run. There are many similarities and differences between these methods. Some specialise in certain techniques to affect the healing and recovery process and others use a multidisciplinary approach, but generally speaking they all have their place and if you are looking for a specific kind of treatment you should ask about this before you book an appointment.

Call to speak to me today or to book an appointment on 077-1024-4390. If we're busy, please leave your name, a short message and your contact phone number, and I'll get back to you as soon as I've finished treating my current patient.

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