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Adrian Mitchinson

After many years of frustration trying to resolve a problem I had through the usual NHS channels I decided to explore alternative methods such as an osteopath. While undergoing my treatment I have always found Tom at the Nuneaton Osteopath Clinic to be very understanding, friendly and professional in his approach. Over a period of time he systematically used various treatments until the cause of my problem was identified, at which point a course of treatment was produced to initially resolved it and then prevent it's return.

If you find yourself in need of any osteopathic treatment I would thoroughly recommend the Nuneaton Osteopath Clinic as the place to go.

Neck Pain treatment at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic

Neck pain treatment at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic has proved successful in relieving many of the causes and symptoms surrounding this debilitating problem. Neck pain can be caused by poor posture at work (especially when working in front of a computer for eight hours a day) overloading or imbalance of the neck and shoulder musculature by carrying heavy and awkwardly shaped containers or carrying a heavy bag on one shoulder.

Other common and more home related causes of neck problems are watching TV or a computer monitor placed to one side, i.e. not directly in front of your eyes  (TVs at the end of a long lounge) too many or too few pillows on your bed, and some sports that require excessive use of the neck muscles (football, rugby, wrestling, gymnastics, road cycling etc.)

Osteopathy can relieve the pain and stiffness with muscle stretching, massage and manipulation of any restricted neck joints. I may also use interferential treatments and/or ultrasound to reduce muscle spasm and swelling in the neck and shoulder tissues.

If you want to get pain free from all your neck aches and pains, call me on 077-1024-4390 and book an appointment today.

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Skiing injury treatment at Nuneaton

Skiing injuries are common at this time of year, especially as those of us living in the northern hemisphere like to get away from the cold and currently wet weather to have some enjoyment in a similarly cold but drier (and often more sunnier) and enjoyable climate. Skiing holidays are popular, but bring with them the dangers of a sport that (for the beginner) includes the ability to travel at great speeds, but with relative lack of control and stability. The injuries that arise from this sport are usually collision injuries from sliding into an object (or other skiier) or from repetitively falling down. Common upper limb injuries are falls onto the shoulder, injuring the larger shoulder joint (gleno-humoral joint) or smaller (and more easily injured) A/C joint. both injuries can be painful and restrict you ability to perform every day activities (let alone do any work!)

Common lower limb injuries are often due to the torsion effect of falling either sideways or backwards with a couple of restrictive planks nailed to your feet! The joints most commonly affected are the knees and the ankles. This is despite the quick release mechanism between bindings and boots that often remains firmly attached.

Osteopathy can help with all of these injuries. We use interferential as well as ultrasound treaments for the local spasm and swelling, and massage to reduce the pain. Call today on 077-1024-4390 to book an appointment and stop your pain in its tracks – say goodbye to your painful skiing injuries.

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