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Massage Offer

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For a short time we are offering a One Hour Massage (either Relaxing Massage or Sports Massage) at a huge discounted 33% off!

Usually we price this at £50

Only £33 when you ring the practice on 077-1024-4390 and quote MAY2014DZP

BUT… you MUST claim this offer before 31st May 2014. After this date the offer is closed.

The benefits of a great massage are:

  • relaxes the body
  • lowers blood pressure
  • reduces chronic pain
  • relieves cramped muscles
  • strengthens the immune system
  • provides a feeling of well being
  • reduces mental stress
  • increases joint flexibility
  • speeds recovery post exercise
  • improves skin tone
  • removes accumulated metabolic toxins
  • improves stamina

And these are only a few of the benefits you'll get when you book your massage

So call us on 077-1024-4390 today and quote MAY2014DZP for your special relaxing or sports massage.

Back Pain, is yours like this?

Yback pain#1our back pain can really ruin your day, week, month or even year! Surprisingly it's not uncommon for first time client to tell me they've had their pain for years! Especially when most back pain can be managed or even eliminated with the correct treatment. Don't live on pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs when there are options to treating your back pain more efficiently and permanently.

If you wake up in the morning and have to think before you move, if you get out of bed as though your twenty years older than you actually are and wish you could sleep for another few hours just to get a bit more energy to start the day, then listen up, things can change. If you have to grunt your way through the day because of your pain and have to think first before moving quickly (in case that pain shoots through you like you've just been tazered!), then help is at hand. If you dread having to bend down to pick that bottle of milk from the fridge door in case your back locks up like you've been kicked by a mule, then I have good news for you. If you fear going out for a night out with friends and are worried that they might mistake your back pain for looking for sympathy because they don't understand how bad this actually feels (does anybody?), then there is something you can do. I'll HowsLifeexplain…

Most back pain is incorrectly diagnosed and therefore you end up with a completely ineffective treatment that at best takes the edge off the pain for a short time, or at worst does nothing (but you still keep doing it because..?) It may be that you have received incorrect treatment in the past and have got so fed up with some of the hogwash that you have been told that you now manage your back pain by yourself, living on pain-killers and anti-inflammatory drugs that are only meant to be given short-term and should never be taken as a cure (and indeed can be dangerous if done so)

I use a combination of muscle stretching and joint mobilising techniques and occasionally a little gentle electrotherapy with some massage to get you back in good health again. With osteopathy and the other techniques I employ to treat back pain, I can have you waking up in the morning and getting out of bed like you want to take on the day. You'll feel full of energy and be wanting to take on new challenges (instead of shying away from anything new) You'll look forward to engaging in new activities, sports or hobbies that would have only filled you with dread a few weeks before. You will be happy to help others, you'll be enthusiastic at work, at play, and you'll be going to bed at night with energy to spare and looking forward to what new adventures tomorrow may bring.Closeup portrait of a joyful young couple on holiday having fun against sky

So if you suffer with back pain, for any length of time then do yourself the biggest favour your back could ask of you and give me a ring on 077-1024-4390 and book yourself a consultation with me. We will take an hour to find out what's causing your back problem and start some gentle treatment that will have you on the way back to a normal, healthy and active (pain free) life. Don't delay, your back will thank you for it. Do it today and start that journey back to pain fee, activity and an enjoyable “rest of your life”


Call 077-1024-4390 for an appointment today

Sports Massage at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic

Sports Massage at Nuneaton Osteopathic Clinic can improve your performance and enjoyment of your sports activities by giving you faster reactions, a better range of movement, less pain or discomfort and quicker recovery times post exercise. It can also enhance your feeling of well-being and improve your sleep.

We offer half hour and full one hour massage treatments, so it depends upon whether you want a quick tune-up before an activity or need something more in-depth to improve your performance.

Our half hour treatments cost £37, while our full one hour treatments cost £47

Call to speak to me today or to book an appointment on 077-1024-4390. If I'm busy (treating a client) please leave your name, a short message and your contact phone number, and I'll get back to you shortly.

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